Brazilian Press Review

The Brazilian press took note of the Innovate-meeting, and thanks to the information of Alessandra we can link these articles here. The first article was just a short notice, where and when our event will take place (

The second article brings up some more details about the planned research ( It says, for instance, that the sediments of the reservoir are going to be used for soil improvement. Our colleague Marilía Lyra (UFRPE) says that these sediments are rich in phosphor and have the potential to ameliorate the soil. The first experiments in the semi-arid region (“sertão”) are announced to be done by June 2012. The article adds that researchers will also examine issues such as erosion, soil salinization and the use of pesticides as well as the economic activities in the region. Of course, climate change is mentioned as one of the prior preoccupations of Innovate.

At last, the provided blog post is kind of a shorter version of the article above ( Maybe it is interersting for the ones dealing with constellation analysis or heading for interviews, to get in touch with the author of it.


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