In the world-café with GLUES

The Innovate project as a whole is part of the BMBF-Funding Measure “Sustainable Land Management“, that counts twelf regional projects in Module A. These regional projects were brought together in a workshop on ecosystem services (ESS), lasting from Monday till Wednesday this week. The GLUES-Project is so to say the number thirteen, the “wicked fairy” (but not to be overlooked), and responsible for a synthesis of the entire funding measure. Participants from Innovate were Prof. Hartje, Dr. Siegmund-Schultze and Robert, Simon and Melanie.

The world-café is not a metaphor for the global distribution of the projects, but a name for the form of the workshop today. Basically, we sat together in mixed groups. And we discussed the ESS-approach based on a paper of Daily et al. (2009) ( We had to pass five stations in a round, starting for instance with 1) Ecosystems, followed by 2) Services, 3) Values, 4) Institutions and finally 5) Decisions. This structure was given by the concept presented in Dailys paper, that (well…) almost nobody had read before. Anyway, we discovered that the INNOVATE-structure given by the seven sub-projects can be ordered in a very similar way, too – so that we have perfectly integrated the ESS-approach already.

One thing I’ve learned today, while talking about levels of stakeholders (private/governmental/public/else): that CHESF is… well, it is still not clear to me… according to Wikipedia ( it is a “sociedade anônima de capital fechado”. Translations, please?

Later this evening, we enjoyed a short guided tour through the botanical garden, Berlin. In the glass-houses I was able to discover some caatinga-species. The cactaceae are definitely worth a second glance. The side-effects of the workshop are of course the insights you may gain into the other projects, and the personal contacts. I was happy to see a former colleague from Oldenburg, who works in the COMTESS-project today, and even more surprised when he told me, that another friend of us is coordinating the SASCHA-project. On the agenda for tomorrow: to think about further cooperations, or at least how we can mutually benefit from the parallel work on similar topics.

Group-foto GLUES-Workshop


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