Some data

Hey all,

finally I finished creating a more or less working pdf of a nice summary of our study region (in Portuguese). Mesoregiao_Sao_Francisco Did my best with it but my scanner in Recife didn’t work as I wanted. Anyway, once printed it’s quite readable. Just uploaded this and an interesting PhD thesis (German) about irrigation agriculture. Untied2005

Greetings from Hohenheim


5 responses to “Some data

  1. Okay. I found it! You have to log in (only possible for approved members of this blog) and then you can download it from the media library. Thank you Hein!

  2. Oh yes, facebook probably made me loose my capabilities for other media. Anyway, it’s online somehow…

  3. Hi folks, I’ve included the links now. While reading through the portuguese text I realized that some pages are missing (willingly?). Heininho, do you have the book or did you just have the occasion to scan some parts of it? I am just curious…

    • Hi Melanie,
      some (or even some more) pages are missing intendedly. Most of them are black-and-white pictures. As the scanner caused at least 5 new grey hairs, I decided to scan only the pages related to Itaparica, agriculture, and economy. The book is already back at the library of CONDEPE/FIDEM in Recife.

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