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Hey all,

over the last couple of weeks I tried to organize my next stay in Brasil, mainly concerning business trip stuff. I though some of the information might also be useful for you. However, if you’re not at the TU Berlin or even if you are but have a different case handler you might be told different things. So here’s the list:

1. When you travel to Brasil (or in general) work related you have to apply for the buisness trip.

2. When making an application for a buisness trip / claim for travel expenses officially you should not have more than 5 working days of holidays. According to the Bundesreisekostengesetz (BRKG, federal buisness trip law) when having more than 5 working days associated with a buisness trip the personal interest of this trip is greater than the working interest. In this case they won’t pay for the flight. They will only pay for the working related costs such as accommodation or transport during your working stay.

3. According to the Verordnung über die Reisekostenvergütung bei Auslandsdienstreisen (Auslandsreisekostenverordnung, business trip abroad regulation) the Tagegelder (Pauschale für Verpflegungsmehraufwand, money for the higher costs of food while abroad) are shortened after 14 days by ten percent. However, I could not figure out yet what happens to the ten percent, whether they stay in the project money pool, go to the University or go to the country as tax,…

4. When you plan on staying in Brasil for more than three months and you want to get the Tagegelder you should know that they get taxed (with 50%) when the fourth months starts. This money goes directly out of the project to the country.

It is possible to claim those money back when making a tax return. However, I don’t know whether that’s relevant when only having a 50% position.

5. The full daily rate for the Tagegelder in Brasil is according to the Reisekostenstelle TU Berlin 45EUR per day. However, I also found a list saying that since 01.01.2012 the daily rate is now 54EUR. As I did not get my money back from the kick-off I can’t tell how much we finally get at the TU Berlin.

6. However, according to your budget and / or the three-month law (see 4.) you can decide to use the Tagegelder for example only the first three months. Or only the first two weeks. Or you can decide that they should pay you only up to a certain limit (e.g. 1000EUR in total). Herr Schmeier from the Reisekostenstelle TU said that it doesn’t matter where you write it down. So it sho, so either on the Dienstreiseantrag or on Reisekostenabrechnung.

So that’s what I could figure out / what I’ve been told by the Reisekostenstelle TU Berlin. If you have any other or more information please add it here.


One response to “Business trips

  1. Thank you a lot for sharing this information with us! So not every single person has to search for the same information again and again and again….

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