Info-Poster in Portuguese

The next fieldtrip is approaching, at least for some members of SP4. To add some weight to the luggage, I’ve prepared the info-poster for the small-holders and other locals interested in the project. I would be happy if you could just have a look, and comment if you find something is missing or maybe to overloaded, before I am going to plot the poster. There is the question about the right size, too. It is suitable for A1, but I guess A2 would be sufficient. Maike and Katharina, please decide!

Poster (online size)


5 responses to “Info-Poster in Portuguese

  1. Dear Melanie. Thanks a lot, I think you created an informative and nice-to-look-at poster! The only thing that I would change is the background of our project logo. The yellow doesn’t come out very well, I would put it on a white rectangle, just as the logos from the funding organisations on the right. Nothing else to criticise!

  2. Hi Melanie, nice poster and certainly very useful for the upcoming field work. I have few comments: please use the final version of the logo (sent 27 Apr); according to our list, there are more than 100 participants in the project, though not all will be so visible, what might have been the reason for you choosing 50 as a number?; last time, several people intended working in Ico Mandantes, not Apolonio Sales; the author of the map (if it is the one from the website) is Helio Leandro Lopes; may be you can add a telephone contact number of a Brazilian partner. It would be very interesting getting some feedback of the targeted readers of the poster – for further refinement and getting a better feeling of what people consider interesting and relevant for them. Maybe Maike, Katharina and Jens could have an eye and ear on this and inform us later on. Regards, Marianna

  3. Hi Marianna,
    Thank you for the hints about authorship and current logo. For the number of partners involved I just relied on the article in the Diaro de Pernambuco, and anyway, more than 100 are still more than 50 😉
    Regards, Melanie

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