Late night reading

An interesting introduction to monitoring tropical dry forests like our Caatinga I came across by my readings, is this book edited by Jafet M. Nassar, Jon Paul Rodríguez, Arturo Sánchez-Azofeifa, Theresa Garvin, and Mauricio Quesada:

Human, Ecological and Physical Dimensions of Tropical Dry Forests. Manual of Methods (2008)

This manual is published by the TROPI-DRY project and a free copy is available at

I just checked our library at sharepoint and wasn’t there yet. Due to the books interdisciplinary approach it hardly fits in any folder. Anyway, I added it to biodiversity (feels like putting it on the shelf of SP4). The first two chapters deal in a detailed way with methods in Ecology and Remote Sensing, the latter being assumed to be the best developed part of the book. The third chapter, named Social Sciences outlines how to gather social, population and economic indicators, and how to understand environmental policy history (Pennington 2010). As Pennington puts it in his short review, the social science emphasis is vital given the importance of the ‘ecosystem approach’ that always includes the human dimension (take for instance the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment).

Well, it’s no late night tale, but hopefully you have some insights scimming through the pages. Maybe it gives an idea, of how our first output could look like.


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