Antrag auf Erstattung – TU Berlin

A couple of weeks ago I worked myself through the process of getting money back that one advanced, e.g. when buying things in Brazil. This process, however, is (at the TU) not as easy as I know from the Uni Potsdam. I had to fill in the form several times until finally our secretary was satisfied and optimistic, that the request won’t be rejected.

1. You need the form called “Antrag auf Erstattung”.  I got it from our secretary.

2. You probably will need a lot of copies, since you need one form for each Kostenart.

3. You will have to find out about the different Kostenarten. I got a copy with the most frequently used from our secretary.

4. On one form only one Kostenart! If you have a receipt covering several Kostenarten, you will use the Kostenart of  the item with the highest price.

5. When you spend Brazilian money, you have to convert the BRL into EUR using only

6. You have to convert the amount of money for the exact date written on your receipt and print the oanda pages of each conversion / for each receipt. (Be aware, when calculation e.g. for 18.Mar on the print you will read 17.Mar.)

7. On the form itself you only write amounts of money in EUR and attach all the rest.

8. You and your Secretary will have to sign the form.

9. Be happy once you got over the paper works.


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