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The PhD-Candidates of INNOVATE

On this page we give a short introduction of the PhD-Candidates of INNOVATE. “SP” stands for “sub project”,”RM” for “research module”. Right now you can just see the German PhDs, photos and informations of the Brazilian PhDs are soon coming.

SP 1: Aquatic Ecosystem-Functions

RM 1-1: Oligotrophication

Hi, my name is Florian Selge and I studied environmental technology with specialization in water quality. I work in the SP 1-1 and will analyse the physicochemical parameters of the Itaparica Reservoir. I am located at the TU Berlin, my office is at the main campus of the university.

RM 1-2: Sediments and Water Quality

My name is Jonas Keitel and I am an environmental scientist (Geoecology). I specialised in aquatic ecosystem functions and work in the Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries in the research domain “Aquatic boundaries”. My work is bound in INNOVATE SP 1 – sediments and water quality and consequences for sustainable management measures.

RM 1-3: GHG-Emissions

Hello, my name is Maricela Rodríguez, I am biologist, specialized on tropical aquatic ecology and natural resource management. I am a PhD candidate at IGB. Study of production, emission and transport of greenhouse gasses in the Itaparica reservoir is in the focus of research.

SP 2: Terrestrial Production

RM 2-1: Livestock Farming System

My name is Karin and I am an agricultural scientist. I work at the institute of animal breeding and husbandry in the tropics and subtropics at the university of Hohenheim. In INNOVATE I work in SP 2-1 “livestock farming system”.

RM 2-2: Soil Amendment

My name is Christine and I am an environmental scientist specialized in soils. I am doing my PhD in INNOVATE SP 2 – soil amendment. I am located at TU Berlin.

RM 2-3: Crop Rotations

Hello my name is Jan. I studied agricultural science with focus on plant nutrition. I am a PhD Candidate at Uni Hohenheim at the Institute of Plant Production and Agroecology in the Tropics and Subtropics.

RM 2-4: Soil Carbon Modelling

Hello. My name is Julia.

SP 3: Green Liver System

RM 3-1: Green Liver System

Hello. My name is Michal.

RM 3-2: Biomonitoring

No PhD position in this research module.

RM 3-3: Aquaculture Adaption

My name is Frederike and I am a marine biologist. My PhD is part of the INNOVATE SP3 – “Green Liver” and sustainable aquaculture. I am located at IGB Berlin.

SP 4: Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

RM 4-1: Plant Biodiversity and C Sequestration

Hallo, my name is Katharina and I am an ecologist specialised on plant ecology. I work as a PhD student in INNOVATE, SP 4 – Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services. I am located at the TU Berlin.

RM 4-2: Animal Biodiversity and Pest Control

I`m Maike, a biologist specialized in Ecology and Ecotoxology. In INNOVATE I`m part of the SP4 – Team “Biodiversity and pest control” and I am going to work in my PhD studies with the diversity of amphibians and reptils under land-use and climate change. I am located at Senckenbergmuseum and HTW University Dresden.

My name is Melanie Forker. My background is Landscape Ecology and MSc in Tropical Forestry. My research focus is on plant biodiversity and vegetation ecology. I hold an administrative position in SP4, located at HTW Dresden, with the option to do a PhD in the near future.

RM 4-3: Aquatic Biodiversity

I am Debora Lima and I studied Biology and also Environmental Management. Aquatic biodiversity in Itaparica reservoir is the focus of my work in the Innovate Project (SP4). I am located at TU – Berlin.

SP 5: Modelling

RM 5-1: Down-Scaling Climate Scenarios

No PhD position in this research module. Postdoc Dr. Hagen Koch is working on that topic.

RM 5-2: Modelling Nutrient Emissions

My name is Peter Fischer. I graduated in geoecology and ecosystem management at the University of Tübingen. Currently I am doing my phD at the IGB in Berlin. The focus of my work at the INNOVATE project is the modelling of nutrient emissions in SP5.

RM 5-3: Modelling Land Use Change

My name is Robert Koch and I am a Geo-Ecologist. I work in the subproject SP 5 and I am located at TU Berlin. The focus of my research lies on the landscape modelling.

SP 5-4: High Resolution Reservoir Model

I am Ilhan and I am a civil engineer specialized in modelling of hydro- and environmental systems. I work in the subproject 5, where I am setting up a high-resolution model of the Itaparica Reservoir.

I am Sandra and I´m a PhD student at TU Berlin. I studied civil engineering and now I work in the INNOVATE subproject 5, where I´m doing my research in modeling of hydrosystems.

SP 6: Economy

RM 6-1: Regional Assessment

My name is Christoph Schmitz and I studied agricultural sciences and economics. Currently, I am doing my PhD at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) about economic land use modelling.

RM 6-2: Socio-Economic Analysis

I’m Hein, PhD student in agricultural sciences at the University of Hohenheim. Before joining the INNOVATE project I studied Agribusiness (MSc) there. Within the project I’m doing my research in SP6 – socio economic analysis.

RM 6-3: Economic Assessment

My name is Simon Siewert graduated in Environmental Technology. Currently I am doing my PhD in INNOVATE, SP 6-3 – Economic assessment of approaches to address reservoir water quality, sedimentation and greenhouse gas emissions with cost-benefit analysis.

SP 7: Decision Support Approach and Project Coordination

RM 7-1: Constellation Analysis

I am Verena, I made my graduation at the TU Berlin as Landscape Planning engineer. Now I work in the sub-project 7 with the Constellation Analysis. I am located at the TU Berlin, EB 208.


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  1. Hi Michal, I am about to start a project on green Liver System development and monitoring. I noticed that you are also keen on it. will you please give me a brief understanding of this concept and what to take care of? What works and what does not?SP 3: Green Liver System

    RM 3-1: Green Liver System

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