Web presence

The following sites all refer to the Innovate project and provide in a short form some information on the objectives, structure, funding and so on.

The BMBF-site gives an idea of how the research project is embedded in the funding measure “Sustainable Land Management“, that counts twelf regional projects in total. The two links are in english and german, respectively:

The official site of the project you may find here:

And last but not least there exists the Innovate Facebook page:


Biodiversity of the Caatinga

A collection of links to institutions, publications and data-bases on the plant biodiversity and more in the Caatinga-biom or the North-Eastern region of Brazil:

The association of plants of the Nord-East sponsored us with books:

Comprehensive plant-database with images and interesting links to related workshops etc.:

Insider-tip with publications with regard to the Caatinga. Thanks, Claudio!

All publications on the Caatinga of the Brazilian Environmental Ministery:


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